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Measures at the borders and entry points to the Republic of Slovenia

From 9.1.2021 new rules for entering the Republic of Slovenia are in force. Any citizen coming from the Czech Republic may enter Slovenia without having to undergo a 10-day quarantine if they submit a negative PCR test (not older than 48 hours) or rapid antigen test (not older than 24 hours) or if the following exceptions apply to their case:

1. cross-border daily migrant workers who are employed in one of the EU member states or any other member of the Schengen Area, who has a certificate or a written statement that can prove the reason for crossing the border as a daily migrant worker and who will be returning within 14 hours after crossing the border;

2. people posted for executing tasks in the international transport sector;

3. people who transport goods to and from the Republic of Slovenia for economic purposes and freight or passenger transport in transit and leave Slovenia within 8 hours after crossing the border;

4. people in transit through the Republic of Slovenia leaving it within 6 hours of entry;

5. representatives of foreign security authorities (the police or a judicial authority) who carry out official tasks and exit Slovenia as soon as possible after completing these tasks;

6. persons who have been transported to Slovenia in an ambulance or other medical vehicle and the accompanying medical staff in said vehicle;

7. diplomatic passport holder;

8. persons who have a medical appointment in Slovenia and leave Slovenia immediately following their appointment. If a minor has a medical appointment, their guardian may enter Slovenia under the same conditions provided that they are traveling together;

9. citizens of EU Member States or Schengen Area countries coming from another EU Member State or Schengen Area country where they provided care and assistance to persons in need of support, care and assistance of family members, parental care or contact with one’s child, or eliminated imminent danger to health, life and property and leaving Slovenia within 12 hours of crossing the border;

10. children under the age of 13 and crossing the border together with a close family member who has not been put under home quarantine or has not been refused entry to Slovenia (i.e. if the person traveling with the child presents a negative test or meets one of 12 exemptions);

11. persons who daily or periodically cross the border for reasons of education, training or scientific research in the Republic of Slovenia or an EU Member State or a Schengen Area country and provide sufficient proof thereof. When the person is a minor or for other reasons cannot travel alone, the same conditions of entry apply to the person driving them but the latter must return across the border immediately after the drive;

12. members of the protection and rescue services, healthcare services, police, firefighting service and persons carrying out humanitarian transport or providing assistance in rescue missions and eliminating the consequences of natural disasters and returning to Slovenia within 48 hours of crossing the border.

10-day quarantine may end after negative test result is presented.